Redye your garments black


By re-dyeing you can extend your garment’s life and save the resources that would be used to buy a replacement.

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Re-dye your garments with us (black only).

If you send us your garments we will take them to our local commercial dyer where they will be overdyed in large batches then dried at a high temperature, ensuring long lasting colour and better water management than DIY processes.

This is your chance to freshen up something that is a bit faded or perhaps over-dye a pattern you’re tired of.

We can accept any garments that are cotton, linen, hemp, or cellulose based (bamboo, viscose, tencel etc.) and that are not delicate as the high temperatures can cause damage.

Your order includes the return shipping once the the dyeing is complete but you need to cover the cost of shipping to us.

Turnaround times are 4-6 weeks as we allow for batches to build up before taking them to the dyer.

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